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Ringing In Ears?

There are many individuals who experience ringing in ears, hissing, tinkling, buzzing or roaring that normally lasts for a few minutes. If the condition persists and does not go away, it is referred to as tinnitus. This is where a person may experience ringing in ears or roaring that does not come from the surrounding and no other person can hear it.

The sound can keep up with the heart beat from time to time and it can also keep pace with the patients breathing. The ringing in ears can come and go but there are times when it can be constant. The condition is usually common in men more than women and it common in individuals who are aged over 40 years.

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Ringing in ears can be categorized into 2 main forms i.e. pulsatile that is mostly caused by vascular (blood flow) problems in the neck or face, alterations in the ear canal and muscular movements that occur close to the ear. Patients suffering from this kind of tinnitus normally hear sounds like the contraction of their muscles and their own pulse. The second kind is known as nonpulsatile and is caused by problems that are associated with the nerves that deal with hearing. Patients feel as though the sounds are coming from the head and the sound can be heard in both or a single ear.

What Causes of ringing in ears?

The main cause of ringing in ears is usually hearing loss that happens as people are aging. However, it can also be caused by loud noises that happen in the work place or at home. It can also be a sign of an eating disorder since it occurs with all the major types of hearing loss.

Some other causes ringing in the ears may include:

  • Excessive accumulation of earwax that can interfere with the normal functions of the ear.
  • Some medicines that are used to cure existing medical conditions like antibiotics and aspirin.
  • Drinking excessive amounts of caffeinated drinks and alcoholic beverages.
  • Eardrum rupture or infection in the ear.
  • Dental and other health problems like TM (temporomandibular) that affect the mouth.
  • Some injuries like a direct blow to the head, ear or whiplash.
  • Injuries that could have occurred to the ear after radiation therapy or surgery on the neck or head.
  • Barotrauma that is brought about by sudden change in environmental pressures.
  • Severe weight loss from excessive dieting or malnutrition .
  • Exercising when the neck is in a hyperextended position that mostly occurs when individuals are riding bicycles.
  • Vascular problems like hypertension, AV malformations and carotid atherosclerosis can also lead to the development of ringing in ears.
  • Neurologic disorders like migraine headache or multiple sclerosis.
  • Other diseases like anemia, acoustic neuroma, meniere disease, thyroid disease, labyrinthitis and otosclerosis.

Ringing In Ears Treatment?

Most cases of tinnitus normally come and go and patients do not need medicinal treatment. However, it is important to seek medical attention when the symptoms are persistent and reluctant to go away or when individuals only experience the ringing in one ear. There is proven cure for the condition but the doctor can help advice persons on the most effective ways that can be used to manage the condition to ensure that a serious problem does not develop because of the condition.

Some of the remedies that can be used to get rid of ringing in ears fast include:

The relaxing method- this applies when the condition has been caused by stress. In the scenario the patients have to look for effective relaxing methods like yoga, sitting back and watching their favorite sitcom or taking long deep breaths to calm down. Persons can also lie on their back with the head slightly elevated to reduce the burden on the head as well as stop ringing in ears.

Using maskers- these are effective for managing ringing in ears where the person drowns the noise with other sounds. This is also known as masking because the sound in the ears is simply overpowered by the other sounds present in the environment or in the room. This can be done by listening to music so that the other sounds go unnoticed. Individuals can also use hearing aids that are used for this technique. The hearing aids are beneficial since they can be carried around to ensure the ringing sounds do not affect a person’s daily activities outside, in the office or at home.

Looking for online solutions- persons can find treatment for ringing in ears by browsing through a number of websites that have the information. There are very many sites that sell products that are used to manage ringing in ears. This however has to be approached with a lot of caution as not all the solutions found online actually work because there are some manufacturers who are only out to exploit patients who want to stop ringing in ears/ buzzing in ears. Check out reviews and the company’s identity through BBB before purchasing a product to be on the safe side.

Stop the noise- getting rid of annoying ringing in ears can be as simple ad getting rid of the noise that is causing the buzzing. For instance, people who attend concerts can attest to the fact that ringing in ears can continue long after the individuals has left the concert arena. People may risk suffering from tinnitus by blasting the volume on the walkman, iPod and other portable music on a daily basis thus they should make sure the devices are listened to at low and comfortable volume levels.

With the numerous options that patients have to treat ringing in ears it is highly recommended that patients use Tinnitus miracle for effective results This is a book that comes up with ways that can be used to self diagnose as well as a 3 step plan that is used to cure tinnitus for good. Individuals can access numerous testimonials from individuals who have used it before to get testament that it is a superior product. It has been made with top notch ingredients that make it work fast without any side effects. It can also be used by anyone regardless of age when they want to get ringing in ears treatment.

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